The Cylon Among Us

November 28, 2008

In a shocking confirmation that all this has happened before, and will happen again, Earth scientists have discovered hitherto unnoticed monuments from the ancient Cylon race, hiding in plain sight in the Los Angeles freeway system.

Cylon Monument

The monuments are all located in Garden Grove, along California State Route 22, and appear to have been integrated into the freeway’s sound wall. Mysteriously, no-one, not even Garden Grove residents, seem to have noticed the monuments until now. Construction plans for the sound wall show openings for the monuments, but make no explicit mention of them. Neither Caltrans nor the OCTA would comment on the construction plans.

They just built the freeway walls around them...

Resident Nicki Clyne, a flight mechanic and a regular on the 22, is credited with first noticing the structures. “It’s strange to drive past something every day and never see it. When my daughter was born, I was really distracted, but as she got older, I began to notice things that I used to miss. Discovering that something so close was of Cylon origin really threw me for a loop.”

A look LaForge would be proud of

We approached several experts in the field of speculative Cylon anthropology who independently verified that the monuments are indeed of Cylon construction. “It was the eye mosaic that pushed the monument origin into the realm of statistical certainty”, said Dr. James Callis, Senior Fellow at the Forensic [cylon] Research Advancement Centre (FRAC). “Throughout our conception of Cylon history, the ‘scanning eye’ has been an iconic design centerpiece for the more mechanical models. Through the process of elimination, we’ve concluded that the only explanation is that the monuments must have been erected by the ancient Cylon.”

Will we ever know why they're here?

Researchers from FRAC have put forward the theory that the placement of the monuments influenced the 22 freeway’s route from the very beginning. Caltrans and OCTA refused to comment on this theory, but city officials have welcomed the new additions as part of the rich cultural heritage of Garden Grove, and are in the process of planning a 3 day festival to commemorate the discovery.

Photo Credit: Vi Tran