Homemade turkey burgers with spinach, mushrooms and brie

May 07, 2010

Homemade turkey burgers with spinach, mushrooms and brie.

To make the patties, I used a 1lb package Trader Joe’s ground turkey, 1/4 cup diced garlic, 1/4 cup diced white onion, 1/4 cup soft brie, and maybe a couple teaspoons of salt. I mixed all the ingredients together by hand, formed them into 4 patties and floured the outside to keep them from sticking to each other on the plate.

When the patties were almost done, I divided the remaining brie among them and let it melt slightly on top. Try to keep the brie from spilling over the edge of the patties! The mushrooms were sautéd separately in olive oil and laid atop the brie.

What would I do differently next time? Probably Worcestershire sauce in the patties.

As it was, they were very good.